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Heirloom Living Market Lawrenceville :  Market is Open!

The Market Is now Open…Happy Shopping!

Heirloom Living Market ~ Crossfit O-Zone is now open!

Pickup Location: Crossfit Ozone
519 Hurricane Shoals Rd., Suite J
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

“Bits and Bites” Newsletter will arrive in your Mailboxes tomorrow! Have a great Friday!

Take me to the Market.

Joyful thoughts and bountiful blessings,


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Take me to the Market.

Heirloom Living Market Hamilton Mill:  Market is Open!

The Hamilton Mill Market Is now Open…Happy Shopping!

“Bits and Bites” Newsletter will arrive in your Mailboxes tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday!
Take me to the Market.
Joyful thoughts and bountiful blessings,


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Joyful Noise Acres Farm:  JNA Farm market is open

Good morning everyone,

Grab coffee, breakfast and a comfy chair as there is a lot of shopping to do … all from the comfort of home. We have new foods, new events and new members to the market so let’s get going.

We are very excited to have Farm Fresh Foods join our market. Amy Rose is a passionate, local chef/ baker that makes small, hand-crafted batches of breads, soups, salads, and sauces. Ingredients are taken from local, organic or CNG farmers, here in the North Atlanta area. She works from a certified kitchen here in Canton. She has a lovely selection of items this week so please take a moment to see what Amy has been cooking.

Our favorite ‘milling man’, Paul, has hit a home run with his Burr Stone Milling Co. organic grits. We cooked grits and *Joyful Noise Acres Farm *sausage the other night for supper and the bowl was cleaned out! His grits are milled to such a nice texture and the natural sweetness of the corn was delicious.

Speaking of pairings, Diabetic Friendly Baking makes the most delicious sandwich rolls (buns) that hold up to a Four Mile Farm *ground beef burger, with all the trimmings. The beef has such a fresh taste, we only used a sprinkle of *Home Appetit` Steak House Toasted Spice Blend. Absolutely delicious!

*Georgia Farm to Table *continues to hit a home run with the vegetable boxes. Due to when our market opens and the timing of knowing what produce is available, we have a little lag. Christy will usually know on Monday what will be in the box for that week. If you are looking for certain items, you will need to wait until Monday to order your box. If you want extra of any items, please e-mail Christy and she will do her best to add them in.

Fun stuff: We are going to have a Meet Your Farmer event on Saturday, March 15th from 9-1. Our wonderful farmers and artisans will be here with their wonderful products so you can sample items and talk to the vendors. We will have a farm tour and several animals for petting.

We are so thankful to you for eating local and supporting locally grown foods.
Mary Beth
JNA Farm Market

Conway, AR:  CLG Pickup TODAY 4-6pm. Bring Glass jars, egg cartons please.

EXCITING NEWS! When you order Sunday night, please take a look at our NEW GROWER! Geek Eats – Hummus, granola, & pesto.

CLG Pickup TODAY 4-6pm. Bring bags, glass jars, & egg cartons please.

Good Morning,

This is a pickup reminder for those of you who ordered this week. Thank you for your order. You can pick up your order from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. today at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church at 925 Mitchell Street in Conway.

If something comes up that you cannot personally pick up your order today, please contact someone to pick up for you.

Remember to bring your glass jars for recycling, egg cartons, and bags for ordered items. Reduce, reuse, recycle! See you this afternoon.

Come early for the best selection from the EXTRAS table!

Thank you,

How to contact us:

Our Website:

On Twitter: @conwaygrown

On Facebook:

Phone or text: Steve – 501-339-1039

Email: Steve –

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  Market is OPEN for orders!

Good Morning Everyone,

The market is now open for ordering

If you are planning to pay using Dwolla please make sure your deposit includes the 25 cents fee. For example, if your order total is $22.50 make your deposit for $22.75.

If you do NOT receive a confirmation email immediately after you placed your order, then your items are still in your cart and your order is not complete. All orders must be place by 5pm on Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Champaign, OH:  Gold Record Week!

Once again, thank you for making last week’s market a gold record success!!

Let’s try to go platinum, for this week!!

The market is now open for your ordering pleasure!!

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op:  News:Group Buy This Weekend - FCLO & Prayer Request

Suwanee Whole Life Co-op

How to contact us:
Our Website:
On Facebook:

Group Buy This Weekend: Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO)

This weekend we will have our monthly Group Buy for Green Pasture products (Fermented Cod Liver Oil, High Vitamin Butter Oil, Skate Liver Oil, etc. All currently available products (as of today) will be listed on the market site tomorrow for ordering.

The prices include our discounted group buy price, shipping, fees and taxes.

This will NOT be available for pick up this Tuesday. I will place our group order on Monday and expect it will be available for pick up within 2 weeks. This is a prepaid preorder, so payment is expected this Tuesday. If you are only ordering Green Pasture products this week, please drop a check in the mail or online payment on the co-op market website.

If you are new to the co-op and/or Fermented Cod Liver Oil, I have a section at the bottom of this weblog that discusses the benefits of this amazing product.

I’ve also listed my recommendations and dosage for adults and kids.

Lizzy’s Pantry Flours

Flour isn’t simply flour anymore. The flour you purchase at the store has been stripped of it’s natural vitamins, minerals and protein. This is done just to extend how long it can sit on the grocery store shelves.

If you don’t grind your own wheat, you can still purchase healthy, nutritious, unbleached, unbromated whole grain flour that is high in protein! Yes, flour does lose its nutritional value over time, but Wheat Montana’s all-natural cool milling process captures 100% of the nutritional value of the wheat. It isn’t all gone within a few days, like many flours that are milled in high quantity, high heat processes.

Don’t settle for yucky flour that isn’t good for you, simply because you haven’t ventured into grinding your own wheat yet. You’ll taste the quality difference in Lizzy’s Pantry GMO Free, All Natural, Certified Chemical Free, Unbleached, High Protein, 100% Nutritional Value (Nothing Added, Nothing Removed), Kosher Flours.

My goal is to have a Co-op mill at pick up. You can buy your grains from Lizzie’s Pantry then mill your grains fresh at pick up. This is something I will look into when we move to our new space hopefully soon.

Prayer Request for ButterCups

From Shulamit of ButterCups:
I am writing to share an update about ButterCups and ask for prayer.

Almost a week ago my husband Virgil found himself going blind in his left eye and we headed to the hospital. Its been a difficult and amazing couple of days here at Emory Hospital downtown Atlanta and they have been wonderful!

They are doing many tests and its appears he had a stroke in his left eye and they are now working to find out why and prevent further damage. Much is being learned as new things are surfacing.

These last few weeks have been very tough on ButtetCups! One thing after another has happened to prevent us from providing ya’ll with product. We love what were doing and will continue to press forward to grow this wonderful product and business.

Earlier today I was in awe of how amazingly the Lord has moved, going before us to prepare the way here at Emory and protect Virgil by bringing us to the right place with right doctors before even worse happened.

Then the Lord gently yet powerfully reminds me to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all else shall be added unto us”. This is where the rubber meets the road.
So, I continue to entrust ButterCups into the Lord’s most capable hands.

I’d like to ask you all to pray for us and my wonderful husband.

With heart filled thanks,
I believe in the power of prayer and I ask that all of you lift Virgil, Shulamit and their family in your prayers. Also, pray for his complete healing.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) Info

Here’s some information about Fermented Cod Liver Oil and its health benefits:

Why choose Green Pasture Products?

•Whole Food Form
•Wild, as Provided by Nature
•Natural fatty acid complex, nothing removed or changed
•Full, deep range of Vitamins A, D, E, K; CoQ enzymes; and other Quinones
•Non-industrialized & Historical Processing Methods
•Clean, Pure, and Extensive Third Party Tested (NO PCBs, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic or other Heavy Metals)
•Family owned business
Why is FCLO better than regular fish oil? •Green Pasture uses wild caught cod in and around the Arctic region (A substantial amount of today’s cod liver oil is produced from farmed fish)
•FCLO higher in nutrients than regular fish oil
•Double the amounts of vitamin A and D as regular cod liver oil
•Goes rancid less quickly
•No synthetic vitamins added
•Most salmon oil has one-fifth the potency of cod liver oil
•1/2 TBS of FCLO provides the amount of elongated omega-3 fatty acids found in twelve 1,000 mg fish oil capsules

What are the benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil?
•Rich in Vitamins A & D which are crucial nutrients that are lacking in most modern diets
•Vitamin A- vital for a healthy immune system and healthy vision and is important for proper development in children
•Vitamin D- improves insulin function, protective effect against multiple sclerosis,
•May help prevent flu (lack of vitamin D synthesis during the winter as one explanation for high rates of influenza infection during cold season)
•In women, higher levels of vitamin D from cod liver oil improve bone mineral density
•EPA- Eicosapentaenoic acid (Omega 3 Fatty Acid) anti-inflammatory and necessary for prostaglandin production
•DHA -docasahexaenoic acid, a nutrient absolutely vital for a healthy brain and nervous system
•Fights inflammation associated with heart disease and heals the lining of the arteries
•Reduces the size of atheromas clogging arteries and improves blood vessel function
•Studies have shown cod liver oil can protect against diseases like cancer and leukemia
•Effective in treating arthritis
•Helps maintain soft skin and minimize wrinkles

How does it benefit my child’s health?
From conception through adolescence, cod liver oil can provide developing children with what they need to thrive. Mothers who take cod liver oil during pregnancy and nursing protect their children from disease while providing them with important nutrients and fatty acids. For growing children, cod liver oil is important for healthy bones and teeth, as well as preventing common problems like ADHD. It’s also an excellent treatment for diaper rash and other skin conditions if used topically.

Synergy of Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil
Research shows that butter oil and cod liver oil, taken together, provide complementary factors leading to proper essential fatty acid balance. High-vitamin butter oil contains arachidonic acid (AA), an omega-6 fatty acid, while cod liver oil is rich in eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), an omega-3. Moreover, the saturated fatty acids in the butter oil promote efficient utilization of the unsaturated fatty acids in the cod liver oil. Finally, butter oil contains a broad and deep range of important quinones including Vitamin K, E and CoQ enzymes while cod liver oil is rich in Vitamin A and D.

Green Pasture’s High-Vitamin Butter Oil is extracted from dairy milk produced by Guernsey and Devon cows (high butterfat producers) that graze exclusively on irrigated grass in the northern Great Plains. This specific combination of climate and irrigation produces a rapidly growing specialized forage, ensuring optimal levels of Activator X as discovered by Dr. Price. Activator X and other nutrients are then further concentrated by putting the butterfat through a specialized low-temperature centrifuge process

Here is a link to an article about the benefit of cod liver oil and why it’s best taken with a high vitamin butter oil .

I’ve been taking FLCO since October 2011 and I can honestly say that I have seen an improvement in my own health. My hair and nails are stronger than they’ve ever been. My hair hasn’t been this thick since my last pregnancy 6 years ago. My skin feels and looks better. I usually have small bumps on my upper arms and they have virtually disappeared. My hormone level seems more even and no mood swings. One member told me her vision has improved since taking FCLO. My son thinks it’s helped him learn how to read! He loves it and actually requests it. My daughter, on the other hand, takes it only because she knows it’s good for her.

I have heard and seen several testimonies about FCLO increasing HDL (the good cholesterol) and have experienced it myself. My doctor has been tracking my HDL (and LDL) for the past 5 years and noticed that my HDL has been going up since 2011. The only significant dietary change I have made is adding FCLO to my diet. One of my closest friends has been taking the infused coconut oil that includes fclo and skate oils. Her HDL skyrocketed almost 50 points and her LDL lowered. Ironically we have the same doctor and she is now very interested in Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

Last year, my dentist told me I had a small “soft spot” on one of my molars that he wanted to keep an eye on. I doubled up on my fish oil and at my next visit he said it was no longer there! I have been told by others that using this product can help re-mineralize your teeth and reverse tooth decay and now I believe it.

My neighbor just started taking FCLO recently. She is also a breast cancer survivor for almost 14 years but has suffered from lymphedema (swelling in arms and hands). She told me shortly after taking fermented cod liver oil blend gel she has seen a significant reduction in her swelling and sense of well being she hasn’t felt in years!

If you have a testimony you’d like to share, please email me. I’d love to know how others in our co-op have seen the benefits of taking this wonderful product!

Nora’s recommendations:
I have personally tried every flavor and type of FCLO that Green Pasture carries. There are 2 that my entire family takes and we switch it up for variety- FCLO/HVBO Blend Gel- Cinnamon Tingle Flavor and Infused Coconut Oil- Carob Banana flavor.

I recommend shaking up the FCLO Blend Gels then storing it in the fridge upside down. It’s easier to scoop out that way. None of the products need refrigeration but I do only for this product. The infused coconut oils tend to harden up in the fridge so I just keep it on the counter.

My family has “family fish oil time” right after dinner. We take it with a little orange juice or something acidic to cleanse our palate.

Suggested Dosage:
FCLO/HVBO Blend Gel- Adults 1 teaspoon, children 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon depending on age

Infused Coconut Oils- Adults 1 tablespoon, children 1/4 to 1/2 tablespoon depending on age.

For other FCLO products see sources below for recommended dosage.

Dosage sources:

Upcoming Group Buys

Below is a list of upcoming co-op group buys to help with planning and budgeting. All dates are subject to change.

Wilderness Family Naturals – Organic Coconut Oils and pantry items – 3/14/14 – Bulk Organic Raw Nuts – 3/14/14

Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese – Grass Fed Cheeses – 3/28/14

Old State Farms- Unrefined Maple Syrup- TBD Spring 2014

Muddy Pond- Sorghum Syrups – TBD Spring 2014

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Gwinnett Locally Grown:  MARKET & FARM NEWS

The Market is open Thursday Noon – Monday 9 a.m. After that, ordering is disabled. Pick up your order Tuesday 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Rancho Alegre Farm at 2225 Givens Road, Dacula, GA 30019. New to The Market? Learn about how it works here.

We are in the process of scheduling a Spring Farm Clean-Up Day. This is a great opportunity for people to see what it takes to get a farm ready for tours and spring production. It will most likely be on a Saturday. If you would like to participate, please email me at to add your name to the Volunteer List. More details to follow…

We are restocked with honey!
We now have several 1-lb. glass jars of honey that are listed in the Market listings as well as available as an add-on to your order when you come to Tuesday night pick-up. When Tommy dropped off the jars, he mentioned that the bees are out foraging and bringing back pollen to the hives already! I was mildly surprised because I didn’t know what could be throwing pollen this time of year, but my sinuses tell me something is! He showed me how some of the trees down by the creek are just beginning to bud, and that the bees are gathering pollen from these tiny buds. Amazing!

We recycle! We are very grateful for those of you who have been bringing egg cartons and shopping bags to market! We also accept the cardboard toilet paper and paper towel tubes – these are marvelous for letting seedings grow up through them to protect them from cutworms! (My husband has grown used to random piles of things laying around the house – the pile of toilet paper tubes garnered one raised eyebrow, lol!)

Orders that don’t go through. Just a note that when you place an order through Gwinnett Locally Grown, you will be sent an automatically-generated email confirming your order to the email address connected to your GLG account. I have been guilty in the past of walking away from my computer thinking I will add some things to my order, only to forget to do it, and not press the check-out button <sigh>. If you need to add something to your order, you can go into your account and add it there before market closes on Monday mornings.

Mother-Earth Meats: Delivery will be at this Tuesday’s market!

We do not have a Tuesday Night Workshop scheduled.
Attendance has been very low, which makes it difficult for presenters to take time to come to the farm – some of them have an hour’s drive. Is there a better time? What are you interested in learning about? We love hosting, but it has to be worth a presenter’s time to teach.

Fresh Wishes,
Debbie Moore
Market Manager

Pilar Quintero
Market Host
Rancho Alegre Farm

Remember to follow us on Facebook and Meetup to get notification on all our wonderful events and news.

The Cumming Harvest:  Newsletter - February 22, 2014

Market News

Short newsletter today. The market is open for ordering. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

March 24, 31, April 7 & 12 – Dig Deep into Essential and Medicinal Herbs at Cedar Hill Enrichment Center.

Building 106, Colony Park Dr. in the Basement of Suite 100, Cumming, GA 30040. Pick up every Saturday between 10-12pm.
Google Map

To view the harvest today and tomorrow till 8pm, visit “The Market” page on our website, The Cumming Harvest

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

South Cumberland Food Hub:  Local Food!

It’s time to order local food from the South Cumberland Food Hub. We’re open till noon today.

Thank you for supporting your local farmers!
Click here to go directly to the Rootedhere Locally Grown Market Page