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Northeast GA Locally Grown:  Northeast Georgia Locallygrown Availability list for Nov.7

Good Evening Locavores,
Another round of cold mornings is here as we begin our market. These crisp days are beautiful with sun and blue sky smiling on our North Georgia Mountains. This combination of sun and cold mornings is also responsible for creating that delicious shift to sweet, refined flavor of winter greens.
Enjoy them fresh daily now and freeze some for later. They go great with the grass fed free range meats, breads and milled products in the market.
Note that Simplyhomegrown Farmers Market in Clayton at the Covered Bridge Shopping Center is open this Saturday and next Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00 pm.
Stay warm and enjoy fresh local food.

Independence,VA:  The On-line Market is open!

Friends of the Market,
The on-line market is open for orders to be delivered November 14th 10am to noon in the conference room or the 1908 Courthouse-it’s right across from the gift shop. Be sure to finish shopping by Wednesday evening when the market will close to allow vendors time to process orders.
Raffle tickets for the Farmers Market gift basket are available and pesticide free Christmas trees and wreaths are available for pre-order. I’ll be adding Farmers Market gift certificates soon.
Our vendors are still adding products and many of our meat vendors are waiting for animals to be processed. They’ll be adding items soon.
Thanks for supporting the Market and happy shopping!
the links are here:
you can also get there from the webpage,

Carolina Foothills, SC:  Market is Open

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope this message finds you all well.

The market will be open from Friday 4PM to Monday 4PM.

Please stop by and look around.

I have added some of my Tilapia this week for those of you that have been waiting.

Take Care,


McColloms Market:  November FFFN Order Finally Open

Hi Everyone:

So sorry to get this open so late. I forgot to look at my calendar this am. Big mistake!

Anyway, the order is now open until Monday at 5pm.

The pick up will be on Wed., the 12th at 118 Shepard Ave., Saranac Lake from 4:30 to 6:45.

If you have any questions, etc., call me on my cell at 518-354-0202.

Much appreciated.




We’re putting in 100 raised beds throughout the Harrisburg community this fall, and we could sure use your help. This week we’ll be installing beds on Monday and Wednesday (November 10 & 12) from about 9am-5pm. Email if you can give a few hours!

Our Board of Directors will meet to review this year’s activities on December 2. Your input is welcome! If you have any suggestions, ideas, complaints, feedback or kudos to send our way, we’d be happy to bring them to the table. We’ll be reviewing ALL our nonprofit activities, including the ALG On-Line Market, the Evans Towne Farmers Market, the Veggie Truck Farmers Market, farm tours, educational activities, healthy food access initiatives, crop mobs, teaching gardens and more. Send to Board President Amy Sutter at

We weathered a thrill of a whirlwind last week! WOW! Too many people to thank here individually … but if you were working at Closing Day of the Evans Market, or Closing Day of the Veggie Truck Market, or if you met with us at the Fruit & Veggie Rx exploration meeting, or if you cooked with us at the Kids in the Kitchen event at the Kroc Center, or if you got dirty at the Crop Mob at Clyde’s Fresh Produce, or if you mingled and served with us at the TEDx reception … well then YOU are VERY much appreciated!


Heirloom Living Market Lawrenceville :  To Market...To Market...

The Market Is now Open…Happy Shopping!

Heirloom Living Market ~ Crossfit O-Zone is now open!

Market Closes at 6:00pm Monday!
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday 4:30 – 7:00pm
Pickup Location: Crossfit Ozone
519 Hurricane Shoals Rd., Suite J
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

“Bits and Bites” Newsletter will arrive in your Mailboxes tomorrow!

Take me to the Market.

Joyful thoughts and bountiful blessings,


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Take me to the Market.

Heirloom Living Market Hamilton Mill:  To Market...To Market...

The Hamilton Mill Market Is now Open…Happy Shopping!

“Bits and Bites” Newsletter will arrive in your Mailboxes tomorrow!

Market Closes for Ordering Monday 6:00pm
Pickup Day and Time: Thursday, 2:30 – 4:30pm
Pickup Location: Community Clubhouse
1669 Hamilton Mill Parkway
Dacula, GA 30019

Take me to the Market.

Joyful thoughts and bountiful blessings,


Heirloom Living Market Lilburn:  To Market...To Market...

The Lilburn Market is OPEN for ordering!

Ordering Hours:
Friday 9:00am thru Monday 6:00pm

“Bits and Bites” Newsletter will arrive in your inbox tomorrow!

Be sure and get your orders in before Market closes MONDAY at 6:00pm! Order now – you are just a click away!

Take me to the Market.

Joyful Noise Acres Farm:  The market is open for ordering.

Happy frosty Friday! What a glorious sunrise and day we are going to have. I hope you can get some Vitamin D therapy today. Speaking of, I have been going to The Genesis Center *in Cumming for my health care and Dr. Sloan was saying they are predicting this to be a very sick winter for the US. We do not want that bad report or the sicknesses so now is the time to boost your immune system with Vit. D, probiotics, Elderberry syrup, etc. Reduce sugars and eat more veggies. Also, for your supplement needs, Renee Lowe of *Herbal Intentions is a walking encyclopedia of herbs and supplements. Her store stocks only the best supplements that are proven to work. Oh and Cod Liver Oil, have a connection for that too if needed. Didn’t mean to be a commercial but it is so important to stay healthy.

Vegetables, Georgia Farm to Table *is filling the boxes with all kinds of fresh, local and seasonal produce and fruits. Remember you can substitute items if you family just does not like something offered this week. *_Joyful Noise Acres Farm_ has a few greens available this week and more growing. Kale, India Mustard greens and collards are all ready to pick.

The last batch of chickens are processed. Come by Saturday between 11 and 2 for fresh chicken. if you want thighs or wings, you better hurry, we have a very limited amount available until next year so now is the time to stock up. The ducks are ready also and they are beautiful. I will be preparing one tonight, will let you know how it comes out.

We are honored to add _Snack n Joy _to our line-up of wonderful bakers! She has been offering her products for several weeks now and also is selling them in Whole Foods. Snack n Joy grew from a need for quality gluten free foods. The mass produced items are full of fillers and highly processed ingredients that do not provide the nutrition, not to mention they taste bleh. Snack n Joy uses all organic ingredients; millet, amaranth, and buckwheat, to make her beautiful cookies and crackers. They are beautiful, nutritious and delicious. She will have truffles available over the holidays and let me say, they are unlike anything I have tasted, just a wonderful, creamy explosion of flavor that melts in your mouth.

Well, chatty Cathy will sign off now, thanks to each of you for reading this, thank you for supporting your local growers and bakers,
Mary Beth

South Cumberland Farmer's Market:  Time to Order Local Food!

It’s time to order from the Cumberland Farmers’ Market
click here to go directly to the marketpage

To Contact Us

Cumberland ’s Market
931-592-3399 (no voice mail)


Market News

We are selling the fresh pumpkin pies again this year as a fundraiser for the GC/Tracy City farmers’ market. Proceeds will go toward a storage room and possibly 1 addition. We will deliver the week of Thanksgiving on Tues. UNLESS you, the customer, request a different date. You may order early, and be sure to put your desired date in the “Leave a Message for the Grower” section.

Also, we have plenty of turnip greens, kale, and jalapeno peppers.

Darlene Seagroves
DOGWOOD FARM is introducing Spiced Cranberry Apple Chutney. At Tuesday’s market, there will be samples to taste, and jars will be offered for sale, too. This delightful chutney is also available through the online market. Check it out!
THE COFFEE BREAK OPEN HOUSE will be on Tuesday, December 2, between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. (before market). This Coffee Break will target holiday gift-giving to get our customers (and new customers from the Sewanee community) to come see the market and order your wonderful products online. And that day, they will be able to buy items, as well.
Before you order, be sure you see the little shopping cart. If you do not, log out and log in again. If this fails, turn off your computer completely and start again. This includes ordering from smart phones.

If you want to leave a comment for a grower, be sure to put it in the “Leave comment for grower” area in RED beneath the item you’re ordering. Placing comments in the market manager section will not be seen by the growers.
We have had several requests for information on biointensive gardening/farming. If you are interested in a very informal discussion group on this subject, please let us know so we can add you to the list, either on the teacher or student side. Everyone is welcome, including those not currently customers or growers on the market.
If you would like to have your market order delivered, have you contacted Rachel Lynch, the new Sewanee delivery driver? E-mail: or phone 931-598-0774.

Don’t forget: Rachel is NOT affiliated with the CFM and, therefore, is not authorized to accept payments of any kind on behalf of the CFM. Payment of all CFM orders MUST be made in advance of Tuesday’s delivery. Checks must be mailed in time to be posted to customer accounts before closing of market ordering on Monday. To ensure your account always has a positive balance, the CFM prefers payments in increments of at least $100.00. Mail checks made out to CFM to Kir Strobel, 744 Timberwood Trace, Monteagle, TN 37356.

Should at-home delivery not work for you, your second option is to leave your order at the Center to be picked up by you or a designée by 6 p.m. Wednesday. As with any left-behind order, there will be a $3.00 fee unless that order has been prepaid in full in advance. Don’t forget there is no freezer at the Center for the forseeable future, so it is imperative your items be picked up in a timely manner.
PANETTONE COMING FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Be looking for it from Dogwood Farm.
Don’t forget…
If you do not receive an order confirmation within 5 minutes, your order has NOT been placed in the system. E-MAIL OR CALL US to get the problem solved so you will not be disappointed on market day.

Please remember the market closes at 10 a.m. on Monday; therefore, your order must be completed and placed, and you should be signed out of the software.
If you have any questions, please call (931.592.3399, no voice mail) or e-mail ( us.

Kir Strobel & Linda Boynton
Market Co-Managers


There is plenty more available so take your time and check out the whole list.

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