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Old99Farm Market:  Old 99 Farm, Week of July 6, 2014

Market day happens on Thursday as usual. Add raspberries, kohlrabi and garlic scapes (fresh pesto?) to available crops.
Healthy Eating,
Ian and Camelia

Old99Farm Market:  Available to Help with Hay?

Ian’s internet is down again till Tuesday, so I am sending this message on his behalf.
Ian has hay being delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday and he needs help to put in the barn. If you have a couple of hours, he would really appreciate hearing from you by phone that you or a family member could help out.
Thank you in advance,

Wick's Locally Grown:  Wick's Loclly Grown is open


We have cream and purple hull peas shelled and un-shelled this week.

Have a good week and see you at the market.

Wick’s Locally Grown

The Wednesday Market:  If You Are Having Difficulty Ordering, Please Do This

Good evening.

Some customers are experiencing difficulty with our ordering system today. In an effort to “reset” the system, I disabled it briefly a few minutes ago, then turned it back on. Maybe that corrected the situation.

If you are not able to log in or get your password e-mailed to you, please let me know.

At any rate, we do not want you to miss an opportunity to order. If you try again, in the next several minutes, to log in and are unsuccessful, then please send an e-mail to the address below, listing whatever it is you wanted to order (be sure to indicate which farmer you want to order from), and we’ll do our best to work with our growers to get your orders completed.

We do not like having “technical difficulties”! Please bear with us as we work to fix the situation.

Thank you for your patience.


Dawson Local Harvest:  Plenty of Produce to Ponder

The DAWSON LOCAL HARVEST for July 11th, 2014

GREETINGS EVERYONE! I sincerely hope you had a fun and relaxing Fourth of July Weekend. Produce production is moving into high gear and we should start to see some new vegetables in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, don’t forget about the delicious free-range pork from FIVE HENS FARMS, and LILLIAN’S HAWAIIAN GLAZE is a perfect complement to the Boston Butt. Give them a try! And thanks for your interest and participation. Support has been good, and new vendors have already committed to join us as their products become available. The Dawson Local Harvest is developing into a really good market!

THE MARKET IS NOW OPEN! REMEMBER! You can order until Tuesday night at 8pm. Pick up your order at Leilani’s Gardens Friday afternoons from 4 to 7pm.

You’ll find the DAWSON LOCAL HARVEST at

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible! We guarantee your satisfaction with all products in DAWSON LOCAL HARVEST.

Fresh Harvest, LLC:  Fresh Harvest for July 6th

To Contact Us

Fresh Harvest, LLC
Link to Fresh Harvest
Email us!
Tallahassee May


Garden New Potatoes with Yellow Wax Beans and Charred Red Onion
from Nancy Viennea, Good Food matters,

1 1/2 pounds new potatoes, halved or quartered depending on size
1/2 pound yellow wax beans (or young green beans), ends snapped
charred red onion dressing (recipe below)

Place potatoes into a large saucepan and cover with water. Add a pinch of salt and a bay leaf. Bring to a boil over medium high heat. Simmer and cook until tender—about 12 minutes. Drain and set aside.

Fill a skillet with water, add a pinch of salt, and bring to a boil. Blanche the beans in batches (do not overcrowd) for 3-4 minutes.
Fill a bowl with ice water. Plunge cooked beans into the ice water bath to chill and stop the cooking.

Drain well.

In a large bowl, fold the potatoes, beans, and charred onion dressing together until well-coated. Serve room temperature or chilled.

Charred Red Onion Dip/Dressing
adapted from Cooking Light

1 cup chopped grilled red onion
1 cup plain lowfat Greek yogurt
1/4 teaspoon Worchestershire sauce
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/8 teaspoon cayenne

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Cut the onion into chunks and place onto a baking sheet. Brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt. Roast until the onion edges become dark brown and crispy.
Remove from oven and cool. Chop coarsely.

Combine the onion with the remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl. Stir until well combined.

Serves 6-8

Market News


Summer is in full swing on the farms. It’s hot and dry as July usually is, and overall the crops are doing well with the heat as long as they get their irrigation. The summer crops are in full swing, which means we have a bounty of produce for you! We are thankful to Rocky Glade Farm, who is keeping us in greens this far into the summer heat. And the tomatoes are in and just luscious. Make sure you get a tomato sandwich this week! We’ve also got a great selection of other goodies to make salads with – cabbage, kohlrabi, fennel, red onion, beets, and cukes!

One of our longtime customers and local food advocates, Nancy Vienneau, has a new cookbook out that is just amazing! It is chock full of wonderful, seasonal recipes that are delicious, accessible, and creative. It is called Third Thursday Community Potluck Cookbook, and is really worth the investment. You can find info on where to buy it locally on Nancy’s blog,_ Good Food Matters _, at Also on there is a great potato salad recipe which is featured on our recipe today, with many of the ingredients available at our Market today

Once again, thanks so much for your support, and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

John and Tallahassee

Coming Events

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

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Madison GA:  The Market is Open!!!!!!

See everyone Wed!!!

Cumberland, TN:  CSFM Open

The Cumberland Sustainable Farmers Market is now open for this weeks ordering.

Thanks for supporting your local area farmers.

Conway, AR:  Opening Bell: New Hummus Flavors, Winter Squash, Corn...

Good afternoon,

New this week: Try some fresh hummus from Geek Eats. Barnhill Orchards has peaches and several options for winter squash. Ratchford Farms has 2013’s frozen peaches for $2 per bag. And many nice beef products from Bluebird Hill Berry Farm. Lots of great food locally produced for you and your family!

Check out all the Featured Products as well. Use the SEARCH field on the main Market page to quickly find the items you want.

Come early for the best selection from the EXTRAS table.

The market is now +OPEN +for orders. Please check your email about 5 minutes after you place your order to make sure you get an order confirmation. Thank you for being a valuable part of CLG!

Have a great week!

How to contact us:

Our Website:

On Twitter: @conwaygrown

On Facebook:

Phone or text: Steve – 501-339-1039

Email: Steve –

Local Farms First:  Last Chance To Order!

Greetings Local Farms First food lovers!

Place Your Orders Before Monday Morning!!


Eggs, Veggies, Turnips, Radishes, Greens, Kale, Chard, Pickles, Crafts, Herbs, Garlic Scapes, And More!!

Log on today and place your orders before the market closes Monday morning at 7AM!!

Thanks for supporting local family farms,
Amy Konash- Market Manager – a 501c3 non-profit
click here to start shopping on the website: